LES Building


Approximately 200 students attend Landmark Elementary School. The staff is comprised of full-time and part-time positions with a total of 25 members.

The school was built in 1990-91. Landmark Elementary School is a K-6 school and is part of the Hanover School Division. The school site consists of 10 classrooms, a music room, gym, resource area, learning commons, multipurpose room, and a computer lab.

Parents are involved in a variety of volunteer activities in our school and we encourage all family members to volunteer in the school. Parents have a voice in what goes on at Landmark Elementary School through our Parent Teacher Association.


Landmark Elementary School is a community developing life-long learners who DO THEIR BEST, CARE FOR OTHERS, and BUILD THEIR DREAMS.

The school highly values and promotes the development of skills, dispositions, knowledge and values essential in readying our students for a productive and wholesome life. This includes, but is not limited to…

  • Academics, especially literacy and numeracy
  • Participation in physical education and the performing/visual arts
  • Awareness and appreciation of individual differences and cultural diversity
  • Respect (for self, others, and property)
  • Personal responsibility