LES Building


Approximately 240 students attend Landmark Elementary School. The staff is comprised of full-time and part-time positions with a total of 25 members.

The school was built in 1990-91. Landmark Elementary School is a K-6 school and is part of the Hanover School Division. The school site consists of 10 classrooms, a music room, gym, resource area, library, multipurpose room, and a computer lab.

Parents are involved in a variety of volunteer activities in our school and we encourage all family members to volunteer in the school. Parents have a voice in what goes on at Landmark Elementary School through our Parent Teacher Association.


Landmark Elementary School is a community developing life-long learners who DO THEIR BEST, CARE FOR OTHERS, and BUILD THEIR DREAMS.

The school highly values and promotes…

  • Academics
  • Participation in physical education and the performing/visual arts
  • Awareness and appreciation of individual differences and cultural diversity
  • Respect (for self, others, and property)
  • Personal responsibility