It seems that winter has blown in! Here are just a few reminders as we head into our colder season.
1) Students need to dress to be outside. Unless it is -30 or raining quite heavily, students stay outside until the 8:50 bell rings and they go out for recess. It is better to send layers of clothing at this time of year so that the children can wear fewer layers if the day warms up. Also, if you feel your child is too sick to go out, he or she needs to be kept at home. (There are two exceptions to this and one requires a doctor’s note.)
2) Mittens, toques, and especially scarves go a long way in helping your child to feel warm. If dressed for it, the outdoor air is refreshing and it is much healthier than the stale indoor air. It also helps revive foggy brains!
3) Keeping active outdoors keeps students warmer and they have way more fun! Encourage your child to see the fun side of winter.
4) Kids need to move more, not less. The bus loop is NOT available for drop off until after 9:00 a.m. The signs read BUSES ONLY from 8:30 – 9:00 and 3:30 – 4:00. Please respect that rule for the safety of our kids. Students are to be dressed for the weather, so walking (or running) from the car to the school is not harmful for them, unless there are people driving in the bus loop! Please do not put other people’s children at risk.

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